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Delivering top quality service through research proven methods in the following areas: personal training, strength and conditioning, nutritional services, specialized mobility training, pain-free & injury prevention training protocols, and cardiovascular prescriptions to all fitness and skill levels ages 13 and above.

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Connor Apple

I’ve always been driven by a deep passion for guiding individuals towards their personal health and fitness aspirations. In 2017, I embarked on my journey into personal training after acquiring a solid foundation in exercise science during my university studies. My mission was clear – to transform lives through exercise and nutrition.

Over the years, I’ve dedicated myself to continuous learning and growth. I’ve earned multiple certifications, attended countless continuing education courses, and engaged in practical seminars. These endeavors have allowed me to delve deep into the science of reshaping the human body through targeted exercise and nutritional interventions.

With this knowledge and experience, I’ve had the privilege of helping numerous individuals achieve their unique health, fitness, and wellness goals. My expertise extends beyond the conventional approach to training, thanks to my advanced strength and conditioning internship, where I worked with a diverse range of athletes, from youth to advanced age. Additionally, I’ve served as an exercise specialist in a cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation center and competed in several bodybuilding shows.

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Connor Apple

Cookeville, Tennessee


What’s the biggest benefit to personal training?
Having an experienced personal trainer takes away the guesswork and maximizes your time and potential in and out of the gym. Learning how to properly move, perform and execute exercises will give you the best opportunity at maximizing your workouts by boosting metabolism and burning fat. We will also work together to coordinate your nutrition, which will allow you to lose body fat, increase recovery and improve performance.

It is my job to make sure you meet your goal(s) efficiently as possible.

What type of individuals do you train?
Any and all individuals looking to achieve a goal that may be solved through exercise and/or nutrition. Whether you’re a 75 year old trying to gain/maintain the strength to stand up unassisted or a 22 year old trying to gain muscle and lose body fat, the potential of personal training is limitless. Be sure to check out the client experience tab!
How do I get started?
You can start today by booking a free consultation under the “book consultation” tab. You will also receive a free 30 minute training session to try before you buy, which may be booked after your consultation!
What makes your training different from others?
I put an emphasis on pain-free strength training meaning you can expect to not only get stronger and build your metabolism but also stave off injuries at the same time. It does me no good to put clients through brutal workouts, but they are constantly injured or unable to recover from training. Book a consultation to learn more.
What sets Apple Fitness & Health apart from other workout facilities?

What distinguishes Apple Fitness & Health apart is there are no public memberships, only tailored training sessions. This unique approach ensures you receive optimal service by tailoring your gym experience to your specific needs! No more working your exercise routine around public gym members, receive your free personalized session by scheduling a free consultation today!